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    TRXYE - 15/08/14


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    i guess you learn something new every day

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    whaddup yeezus


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    HAPPY LITTLE PILL - 25/07/14 - 

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    Magnus: You have to go back. You have to go back to the world.

    Alec: I don’t want the world. I want you.




  6. Across from us, a wedge of the jungle begins to vibrate. An enormous wave crests high on the hill, topping the trees and roaring down the slope. It hits the existing seawater with such force that, even though we’re as far as we can get from it, the surf bubbles up around our knees, setting our few possessions afloat.

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    when you’re at home alone and you hear something moving


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    when someone sings the wrong lyrics



    when you find out that you were actually the one who sang the wrong lyrics


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    Tyler's ships

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